About buying


Shipping is a natural process of online shopping.

Waspper’s shipping and packaging of products is handled with care as we try to send out Waspper’s cleaners and pumps into the world.

About shipping


Waspper’s goal is to make your day better, that’s why we are transparent with our customers.

Here is what payment methods are used and why did we decide to use these exact methods.

About payment

Warranty claim

Every company has to go through a fair share of claims.

It’s standard procedure that requires few simple steps like “filling a form, document the situation, make photos”.

About complaint

Terms & Conditions

Every deal has to have its general terms & conditions. It’s a legal document stating obligation of vendor and customer, way of purchase contact conclusion, commercial terms and more vital information.

Terms & Conditions

Data protection

Data protection in this day and age is crucial to customers and companies.

Data protection means a lot to us as you can see in this legal document. We advise you to read through our document.

Data protection

customer service

Professionals at Waspper’s Customer 

Care center help customers throughout their whole journey with Waspper’s product. Read about the ways that Waspper handles customer service.

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