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Frequently asked questions

How to shop

The details of product availability can be found on each product sub-page. In case of an interest in ordering higher quantity as it is actually in stock, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

We deliver during working days, usually up to 2-7 working days from the day the order was placed. Our delivery company will contact you about the delivery in the morning of the delivery day or one day before.

You can check the order in the status prepared on website waspper.com after signing up to your user account or in your mail. We will always send an-email in case of any change in the order. As soon as we ship the order to the delivery company, we will send you the AWB number to your email. You can track the delivery status by using the AWB number during the whole process of delivery from Waspper to your address.

Yes, it is possible. Registration always brings advantages. You do not have to put your data with every order, your data will be saved. Registered users also get special bonuses and discounts which user without registration will never have.

Yes, we deliver to almost the whole world. We ship to more than 120 countries with the delivery time less than 7 working days + other countries on an individual agreement.

E-shop Waspper offers various payment methods. Your choice is cash on delivery, Paypal or credit card. Find more information on this subsite.

How to use the machine

You can find the suitable accessory for your machine in the user manual or on our website directly by clicking on the particular product.

Each pressure washer is individual. The average water consumption ranges from 7-14 l/min. The correct ratio of pressure and flow = high cleaning effect. Find more information in the description of the particular product.

Oil need to be changed every 500 working hours, but minimally once a year. Each product is individual, so follow the manual attached to the product or our „how to“ manuals as well as manuals on Youtube channel

You can find all of the useful information about the first use on our Youtube channel

The difference lies in placing the motor in horizontal and vertical position.

You can find information about the parts of the package in the description of each product. The regular package contains all stuff for optimal machine working minimally for 1 year.

Pictures and their colour variants are only meant as a representation of the colour variant. There can be slight differences in colour shades in reality.
Petrol consumption depends on the type of product and requirements of the customer. In most typical cases it’s just one liter for one big proper cleaning.

Warranty claims

All the information regarding warranty claims, warranty method, warranty report and other important details you can find here.

30 days after warranty department receives complete data needed to start a warranty process. We do our best to handle claims as soon as possible, usually up to 1 week from receiving all the data needed and the broken machine. Find more information in the warranty claims on our website

We provide 2 years warranty for private final clients on Hobby, Profi class and accessories products on material defects and manufacturing defects. Proof of purchase must be provided for the warranty. You lose the warranty claim and the claim cannot be claimed if:

  • You do not use the machine according to its manual
  • You „open“ the machine and try to repair it yourself

You can contact our certified seller via e-mail or telephone from the section Contacts

Contact trained personnel via the contact form on the page, email or directly at the number on the page.

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