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High-pressure washers ideal for cleaning jobs in garage, cabin or home gardens. Handy waps from Waspper are used by many satisfied customers all around the world.

Pressure cleaners Waspper, Gaspper and Ferrat are equipped with high-power petrol engine. Waspper W2100HA is favourite helper for many households.

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WAP usage in households

A high-pressure washer is trusted helper for every handyman.

Pressure cleaners can be used for cleaning cars, rooftops or watering of gardens. An assortment of specialized accessories will make “getting the job done” easier for everyone.

Waspper products make cleaning jobs faster. Utilizing nozzles, hoses, connectors and other accessories will save a lot of time.

Favourite products for homes

Nozzle “6-in-1” SA000.NZ01 makes everyday cleaning in home, garage & garden easier. With adjustable nozzle head, you can immediately switch from car washing to garden watering.

While using natural sources of water (rainwater barrel or open well) we recommend filter SA000-PF001 for perfect filtration while pumping water.

Wap usage in households
Wap usage in households

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