Water pump Waspper WP30-H packed with accessories and ready for action

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Strong, reliable, durable – one of the best on the market. High power pump helps you pump water anywhere you might need. Suitable for pumping clean water.

Inside this beautifully designed water pump you’ll find Honda engine. With engine power 4.1 kW. Comes packed with a set of accessories.


  • Type: Water pump
  • Pump water type: Clean
  • Length: 53.5 cm
  • Width: 41.5 cm
  • Height: 43.5 cm
  • Weight with pack: 27.7 kg
  • Product weight: 25.5 kg

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”Fast cleaning makes time for better things.”

Where limits end, we come. Our philosophy is: Minimum energy, maximum achievements. Our company is so proud for all products with long history. We know each product like our kid. We understand families and big companies. We are helping them save time and have everything perfectly clean.

Additional information

Weight 27.7 kg
Dimensions 53.5 × 42,5 × 43.5 cm
Pump water flowrate

Water type

Pump diameter

Pump selfsuction

Product weight 25.5 kg
Engine type Four-stroke OHV
Engine displacement 196 cm³
Engine power 4.1 kw
Maximum RPM 3600 ot./min
Fuel type Unleaded petrol
Tank capacity 3.1 l
Oil capacity 0.6
Maximum theoretical water displacement 30 m
Loudness 95 dB
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