Water pump body for Waspper FP20T RA000-WP20H

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Water pump body for Waspper FP20T. RA000-WP20H a 2″ water pump for FP20T

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Water pump body for Waspper FP20T. Horizontal water pump for FP20T water pump.

With a 4.8kW engine and ready to pump 21 l/min.

Parameters – Water pump body for Waspper FP20T

  • Type: Pump
  • Compatibility: FP20T
  • Length: 22 cm
  • Width: 29 cm
  • Height: 35 cm
  • Weight with pack: 7.55 kg
  • Product weight: 6.55 kg

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” Cleaning will always liven up every surface.”

Power washers and high flow water pumps are top care products for your garden. Thanks to accessories their usefulness expands towards unseen borders of creativity that you can explore. Make your work fun and easy.

Waspper is the biggest manufacturer of petrol pressure washers in Europe

Finishing assembly of the pressure cleaner is done in the EU. Even the strictest norms aren’t a problem for our pressure washer. The most important thing in pressure cleaners is its pump. Made with professional care to the smallest details. Reviews from our customers are full of praise for the longevity of Waspper high-pressure washers.

Our motto in the company is: “One Waspper for entire life.”

Waspper doesn’t support consumer society and reckless maintenance of products. Even though our products are on the more expensive side, our quality is higher than the high standard. We take pride in our high-quality pressure cleaners with easy maintenance and replacement of parts. Also, our wide assortment of spare parts and accessories will help you customize the pressure washer to every situation that you may require.

Waspper is a new brand in Europe which works with love. With minimum energy we can bring out maximum. Waspper knows what every customer need. Experiences, passion and positive accession means not just products. Waspper means people who connect good work.

Why petrol pressure washer?

  • More power
  • No need electricity
  • Higher quality

Youtube channel with instructions: Waspper

High pressure washers: Waspper pressure washer

High power water pump: Waspper water pumps

Spare parts: Waspper spare parts

Additional information

Weight 7.55 kg
Dimensions 22 × 29 × 35 cm


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