Turbo nozzle for pressure washers SA000-TN3600

Code: SA000-TN3600

Turbo nozzle for pressure washers – makes the dirt disappear

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Turbo nozzle for pressure washers. More efficient cleaning is done by fast rotating 0° water beam in circles.

Not suitable for delicate surfaces.

A turbo nozzle is a special type of nozzle that creates a powerful jet of water for a pressure washer. It helps the pressure washer to clean faster than the washer does with a regular/standard nozzle. A rotary turbo nozzle automatically spins a zero degree spray in a 4-8 inch circle at 3000 rotations per minute. The spinning water jet hits the surface area from multiple angles, quickly breaking down caked-on dirt and grime. As a result, rotary nozzles can cut cleaning time in half.

Additional information

Weight 0.76 kg
Dimensions 14 × 12.2 × 6 cm

Maximum outlet pressure



Weight (kg)

0,76 Kg


Length: 14 cm
Width: 12,2 cm
Height: 6 cm




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