E-shop Wassper is one of the youngest online stores in the field.


On our online e-shop, you have an opportunity to explore our wide assortment of pressure washers and water pumps. Waspper’s wide range of accessories that can fit into most pressure washer brands (not only the new ones but even the older types) is an important fact that we have to mention.

While you’re exploring our e-shop our professionals from Customer Care are waiting on the other side of the online chat. They can help you find and decide on the exact product that will fit your situation perfectly. When you pick the desired product and buy it, the product starts its journey at Waspper’s warehouse with other products.

These products go through visual quality check and we test them to check the performance of our products.

Here at Waspper it’s all about quality and customers. After the “check-up” Waspper’s employes pack ou products into shipping boxes with predefined sets of accessories and an instruction manual.

These predefined sets of accessories will keep your pressure washer satisfied for over a year with typical usage and classic maintenance. Waspper wants to help the customers that’s why we include these sets of accessories into the package,. Accessories can also fill out space inside the package, protecting the product from inside the package.

Pricing of shipping is calculated based on destination and weight. In case you aren’t able to find the country in which you want us to ship the order, contact our Customer Care center in the online chat window. They will help you get the information you require.

This shipping sheet is a simplified version. In case you need more specific information about shipping and shipping costs, feel free to contact our professionals at Customer Care center. They will do their best to answer all your questions about shipping, packaging or about our pressure washers, water pumps and accessories.

up to 30kg30kg-40kg40kg-100kg100kg and more
SK2,90 €5,90 €11,90 €individually
CZ5,90 €10,90 €19,90 €individually
HU5,90 €10,90 €19,90 €individually
PL7,90 €12,90 €23,60 €individually
RO7,90 €16,90 €32,90 €individually
AT7,90 €11,90 €23,90 €individually
GB8,90 €19,90 €39,90 €individually
IT9,90 €19,90 €39,90 €individually
DE5,90 €13,90 €27,90 €individually
SI6,90 €12,90 €24,90 €individually
DK8,90 €14,90 €19,90 €individually
HR10,90 €17,90 €34,90 €individually
BG10,90 €17,90 €34,90 €individually
FR10,90 €19,90 €39,90 €individually
ES12,90 €23,90 €47,90 €individually
LT9,90 €24,90 €47,90 €individually
PT17,90 €24,90 €47,60 €individually

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