Warranty claim


E-shop Wassper is one of the youngest online stores in the field.


  1. Notice of damaged goods and commencement of the claim by email.

Customer will provide fully filled claim report send by email.

  • Date of purchase
  • Name of client (Seller)
  • Client’s address (Seller)
  • Copy of client’s Invoice
  • Type / Model of item
  • Serial number 
  • A concise description of the fault – the damage

The form must be accompanied by relevant photos at reasonable resolution, if the defect is visible. 

  1. Assessment of damage or defects.

The Claim technician will determine the procedure of the claim:

  • Order pickup for whole item or damaged part – depending from extent of damage or fault.
  • Send the GLS carrier ordering number to the client by an email 
  • After picking up the item, we are tracking the whole way 

The claimed item must be well packed with no inflammable fluids which should be saved for later refill. Wrong packing may cause delay of the claimed item or refusing the pickup by courier and in this case Waspper will be exonerated by any responsibility.

  1. Repairing the claimed item and sending it back.
  • Once we received the claimed item, we start to analyse the cause of damage or fault
  • If the defect falls under the warranty conditions, Waspper will fix the device and send it back to the client store asap free of charge .
  • If the defect doesn’t fall under the warranty conditions and Waspper’s claim technician will conclude that the device was damaged due to improper use, will notify the client that the device will be not fixed under warranty and at the same time will send the repair price for approval.

If the item arrives before 10:00 am , we will fix it on the same day with full testing. We will send it back next working day to the shop stated on warranty claim report with full warranty.