ASSET-N040PACK Detergent nozzle for pressure washer 040

ASSET-N040PACK Detergent nozzle for pressure washer

Connection: 1/4“ QC – M

Size: 040

Different spray angle allows you to clean hard to reach areas quickly and easily. Pressure up to 4000 PSI (2.5 GPM)


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Connection: 1/4“ QC – M

Size: 040

A Red nozzle of 0° use to clean or rinse areas that are high and hard to reach. Clean crevices in sidewalks and driveway.

A yellow nozzle of 15°  is used on concrete, brick, and other hard surfaces with stubborn stains.

A Green nozzle of 25° for pressure washer is high quality. With a 25° high-pressure water beam. Helps save time and energy. Perfect for gardening.

Use to painted surfaces, wood, siding fence, and lawnmowers.

A White nozzle of 40° for gardening with the biggest spread Use on windows and screens.

The detergent nozzle for the pressure washer is a high-quality nozzle for detergent mixing. The color of the nozzle is stylish black. No more manual mixing of shampoo and water.

Used with the detergent tube SA000-SH001.


Gaspper: GP4000BD, GP4000BDH , GP4000LD, GP4000LDH, GP500, GP1000 and others pressure washers


Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm