Waspper W2900HA Pressure Washer

Enjoy the hight control of dirt with the washer pressure W2900HA. The W2900HA is perfect for cleaning the most dirt around the house.

Key Features:

  • Petrol Engine: Honda, 4-stroke, OHV
  • Power: 5.5 HP
  • Water pressure: 213 bar/3.100 PSI
  • Flow rate: 2.25 GPM/ 8.5l/m


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Driveways, roofs, cars, bicycles and etc. Mud and more ore less durable dirt can stick to erything. What is the solution? The high washer pressure W2900HA, which greatly siplifies the celaning of various surfaces and deposits.

Key features of high pressure washer Waspper W2900HA

  • Petrol high pressure washer with 135 GPM flow rate
  • All-metal pump with brass head
  • Long-lasting material
  • Horizontal engine type
  • Reliable combustion engine with capacity of 196 cm3
  • Easy handling
  • Possibility of removing the upper part of the frame when storage and during transfer to another location
  • Output pressure control by regulating engine revs, by change nozzles and by Flow Control for Pressure Washer Gun(*Flow Control for Pressure Washer Gun – packet content doesn´t contain it)
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Availability of spare parts (including sparts for other types of pressure washers)
  • Customer service, warranty and post-warranty service

Perfect for cleaning

  • Garden – garden equipment, driveway, patio, garden furniture, agricultural machines, garden cottage, gazebos roof
  • Garage – car, van, caravans, motorcycles
  • House – cleaning house walls and fences from moss,…
  • Sport – boats, bicycles, quad bikes, tents, pools, horse trailers…

User benefits with the washer pressure W2900HA

  • It is not an elecric pressure washer, there is no risk of short circuit
  • It will not limit your movement
  • Pressure washer can be used in any weather
  • Gravity feed possibility
  • Water supply possibility
  • You can use it as disinfectant machine
  • Equipment of machine is placed directly at the machine (on the hose holder), so you won´t lose it
  • You can simply change the accessorries (e.i. longer hose than supplied one, lances, guns, nozzles)
  • Waspper machines have big wheels and high chassis. You´ll appreciate it when moving the pressure washer
  • Quality EU product (made in Slovakia) – CE certification
  • ISO certificate – EN ISO 9001:2015 

Package contents:

High pressure washer

Pressure gun

High pressure PVC Hose 7,5 m

Stainless Steel Extension Lance

Nozzle 15  ̊

Nozzle 25  ̊

Nozzle 40  ̊

Soap nozzle / 029

Waspper engine oil

Detergent tube

Operation manual

Wheel assembly set

Learn more

Take a look on our instruction videos.

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”Fast cleaning makes time for better things.”


Weight 27.5 kg
Dimensions 57 × 52 × 95 cm


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Maximum Flow Rate

Maximum Outlet Pressure

Pressure Regulation


4.8 HP / 3,58 kW

Engine Type

Honda GP160

Engine Volume (cm3)

Engine Fuel Tank Volume (L)


Engine Low Oil Level Security System


Gravity Feed


Pump Type


Pump Model


Pump Head Material


Pump Max. Water Temperature °C


Hose Lenght (m)