Water pumps for WASPPER high pressure washers

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A water pump can be defined as a device that uses principles of a mechanical and hydraulic system and creates sufficient power to pump the liquid over. The principle of functioning of water pumps can be found in the beginnings of modern civilization and the use of water pumps can also be found today, e.g. in the agricultural, technical-industrial or cleaning sector. The water pump is a portable device and the biggest advantage is the versatility of its use. Waspper uses water pumps in high pressure cleaners.

The use of water pump in high pressure cleaners

In Waspper high-pressure cleaners, water pumps are powered by petrol combustion engines. Theseengines produce sufficient force which is being transmitted to the water pump and then to the high-pressure hose. Water pumps can be also driven by an electric engine with direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). The variety of water pumps on the market is so wide that sometimes it is impossible to find the way among current offers. The main selection criteria include:

  • Material – should withstand corrosion and high pressure,
  • Power – an important figure is the power in kW and water flow in L/min,
  • Type of drive – electric or petrol engine, diesel engine,
  • Head material – brass, aluminium, or optional accessories (i.e. self-priming flange)

Experts have carefully considered these criteria and selected the best suitable pumps for Waspper machines to maximize the cleaning effect.

We divide water pumps into two categories according to their use – hobby and premium pumps, professional pumps.

Hobby edition Waspper

In the hobby edition of high-pressure cleaners we use pumps that can produce great pressure, but they are not suitable for all-day work. The main advantages include: versatility, low weight and low price. The main disadvantages include: the pressure cannot be regulated and these pumps are non-repairable. Hobby cleaning pumps are ideal when you need to clean a garden, patio, fence or a cottage. The appropriate cleaning time is about 1 hour. The pump can be connected to water pipe or a tank with water. When using water from the tank, we recommend connecting the filter due to possible dirt that may be in the tank. The water tank must be located above the level of the pump and the water must go into the pump by gravity, so there will not be any cavitation.

Premium edition Waspper

The premium edition of high-pressure cleaners uses more powerful pumps suitable for all-day use. The main advantages include: versatility, high pressure and flow, long lifespan and pressure regulation. Disadvantages include: it is heavy, it has big dimensions and also the price is high. Premium edition pumps offer much higher performance and better treatment than hobby ones, and high-quality materials. The water pump for the strongest premium model offers a ceramic surface treatment of the pistons to prevent cavitation and extend the lifespan of the pump.