Why are we No.1 on the market or how to choose the right Waspper

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Nowadays, the market is oversaturated with various products and services and sometimes it is difficult to get oriented in the offer. In this article you will learn why we are the best choice when choosing high pressure cleaners for home and professional use.

Forget about electricity and cables

Gasoline combustion engines are the right solution for men. They offer tremendous performance and are a symbol of what has always fascinated us, guys. Release the petrol, switch on the choke and pull on the cable – the spark plugs a spark and an explosion occurs. Rev ​​at full speed and you can get to work. You will experience this feeling only with our machines. Waspper has use in the cottage, in the garden, by the house and in hard-to-reach places, and thanks to the frame on the wheels, you have no problem overcoming even more rough terrain. The powerful pump guarantees a high outlet pressure, which you can regulate. You can have all of this without the use of electricity and cables! We use the best engines for our machines – original Honda engines, Briggs and Stratton (USA) and our own Peggas engine. All these engines are thoroughly tested and meet even the strictest quality requirements. We guarantee years of trouble-free operation with regular maintenance!

Which model to choose?

This is the question we encounter most often. Our answer is almost always the same – what do you need to clean?

We divide our products into two main categories:

Hobby and Premium edition

The Hobby edition is primarily intended for those who need to clean a car, garden, garage gate, road or stone cladding. This edition is not suitable for all-day work. The best you can do is to clean what you need and let the machine rest. Finally, everybody wants to relax after hard work. Hobby machines are supplied with a 7.5 m PVC high-pressure hose and various nozzles for various uses. The package includes all necessary accessories you need to get the machine start immediately after the delivery. After opening the box, you will find instructions that you must read! In the box you will also find a high-pressure cleaner and frame, wheels, a high-pressure hose and an ergonomic gun with a quality steel lance, oil and accessories needed to assemble the machine. Operation and maintenance of the machine is easy and everyone can do it!


The premium edition is intended for all-day work. In the premium edition, you will use better and more powerful pumps that will not disappoint you even in the most demanding situation. The premium edition manages to clean even the worst dirt. Quality engines guarantee high performance and low consumption. If you do not need full output power, you can reduce the speed directly on the pump with the regulator. You will find 5 types of nozzles, an ergonomic pressure gun and a 10m rubber hose in the package. There is also operation manual which must be read, the high-pressure cleaner and the frame, wheels and accessories needed to assemble the machine – just like in a hobby edition.

Discover more options

Do you know which machine is the best for you? You have other unexplored possibilities of use and the possibility of purchasing a wide range of accessories. When designing our machines, we thought to make them as compatible as possible with accessories from other brands. Surface cleaner, turbo nozzle, hose attachments, foam lance, water filters are just a fraction of what we offer. Discover other uses in our e-shop!

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