Honda Engine Powered Dirty Water Pump, 30m Water Lift, Heavy-Duty, Petrol Engine, by WASPPER WP30D-H

Suitable for pumping dirty water.

Our water pump can easily move large volumes of dirty water (solids up to 23 mm) from one place to another. Thanks to 3 inch IN and OUT connectors, it is ideal for any experienced gardener, homeowner, or boat owner.

Key Features:

  • Petrol Engine: : Honda, 4-stroke OHV
  • Power: 3.6 kW / 4.8 HP
  • Max. Flow Rate: 45 000 l/ hour
  • Suction Depth: 7 m


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Our water pump can easily move large volumes of dirty water (solids up to 23 mm) from one place to another. Thanks to 3-inch IN and OUT connectors, it is ideal for any experienced gardener, homeowner, or boat owner. Waspper WP30D-H is light and easy to use.

  • Amazing power thanks to a 4-stroke engine
  • Durable thanks to frame protection
  • Improved stability and reduced vibration thanks to rubber bumpers
  • Safe thanks to exhaust protector

Included accessories:

  • 1 x Suction basket
  • 2 x Fittings
  • 2 x Seals
  • 3 x Clamps
  • 1 x Spark Plug Key


High Flow Waspper Pressure Gas Water Pumps

Is your basement flooded every time after heavy rain?

Are you tired of carrying buckets full of water after every flooding?

We have a solution for you ! !!

Pressure Gas Water Pumps from Waspper are easy and portable equipment ready to immediately draw water from your flooded basement or cellar.

The main purpose of a water pumping system is to move water from one area to another.

High Flow Water Pumps are perfect for homes and companies!

Durable and easy to use.

For what exactly can you use the portable water pump:

  • Portable water pump can quickly drain water from the flooded basements.
  • It is also suitable for watering gardens and lawns if used with a pressure washer cleaner.
  • Water pumps for pumping dirty water are often used on building sites where puddles caused by heavy rainfall may obstruct the construction operations.
  • For cellars flooded with dirty water it may be necessary to buy a dirty-water pump to drain the area/site as quickly as possible.

Waspper water pumps are suitable for pumping clean water, dirty water, or even contaminated water. The chemical water pump is suitable for pumping chemicals and chemical waste and is the perfect choice where classic pumps have to be put away.

  • Pumps for pumping clean water: PC107 1“, WP15 1,5“, FP20T 2“, WP20-P 2“, WP30-P 3“, WP20-B 2”, WP30-B”, WP20-H 2”, WP30-H 3”
  • Pumps for pumping dirty water: WP20D-P 2“, WP30D-P 3“, WP20D-B 2”, WP30D-B 3”, WP30D-H 3”, WP20D-H 2”,
  • Pumps for pumping contaminated water: WP20CH-P 2“, WP20CH-B 2“

Dirty Water Pump
Dirty-water pumps come in different types and sizes, and each one has its advantages. The most important aspect of a dirty/sludge pump is the size of the suction basket for solids to pass through. That is why Waspper water pumps for dirty/sludgy water are supplied with a suction basket that has holes with a diameter of 23 mm

Pump capacity refers to the amount of water it can process per hour, which is affected by differences in height. The higher the water needs to be transported, the lower the amount of water per hour that will exit the hose.

Water Pump for Contaminated Water
Wastewater pumps transport heavily contaminated water which often contains solid particles of various organic, inorganic and mineral origins.

WASPPER perfectly designed water pressure pumps are powered by high-power engines. Our Water Pumps come with three types of engines:

  • Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Peggas Engine
  • Honda engine

Benefits of Waspper Motor Water Pumps

  • Very light and ready to use.
  • You don’t need electricity so you can be sure that you are not in danger of a short circuit.
  • In the package, you’ll also find accessories that will help you with installing the water pressure pump on the same day it is delivered.

With Waspper Water pumps even cleaning turns out to be a pleasure.

It will be a reliable partner for years and you will also find a set of accessories in the package.

The Waspper motorized water pumps represent performance and durability.


Weight 36.5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 46 × 45.5 cm


for pumping dirty water

Engine Type

Honda GP160


4.1 kW / 5.5 HP

Max Flow Rate

45 000 l/ hour

Max. Water Lift

30 m

Connection Size

3” / 80 mm

Pump Type

Rotary Centrifugal

Pump Body Material


Self Suction Depth

Yes, (max. 7 m)

Max Particle Size

23 mm


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