Waspper W3000HA Pressure Washer, Peggas, 5.2 HP, 207 bar / 3.000 PSI

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Our flagship pressure washer – the W3000HA is a great mid-tier machine and is suitable for almost any application – from the driveway to cleaning cars.

Key Features:

  • Petrol Engine: Peggas AP168F, 4-stroke, OHV
  • Power: 5.2 HP / 3,88 kW
  • Water pressure: 207 bar / 3.000 PSI
  • Flow rate:  2.25 GPM / 8,5l/m


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Do you like the highest quality products? The W3000HA belongs to them. You can use this hobby machine even for the most demanding jobs with maximum effect.

Key features of high-pressure washer Waspper W3000HA

  • Petrol high-pressure washer with 135 GPM flow rate
  • All-metal pump with aluminium head
  • Long-lasting material
  • Horizontal engine type
  • Reliable combustion engine with a capacity of 196 cm3
  • Easy handling
  • Possibility of removing the upper part of the frame when storage and during transfer to another location
  • Output pressure control by regulating engine revs, by changing nozzles and by Flow Control for Pressure Washer Gun(*Flow Control for Pressure Washer Gun – packet content doesn´t contain it)
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Availability of spare parts (including parts for other types of pressure washers)
  • Customer service, warranty and post-warranty service

Perfect for cleaning

  • Garden – garden equipment, driveway, patio, garden furniture
  • Garage – car, van, caravans, motorcycles
  • House – cleaning house walls and fences from moss,…
  • Sport – boats, bicycles, quad bikes, tents, pools,…

User benefits with the washer pressure W3000HA

  • It is not an electric pressure washer, there is no risk of short circuit
  • It will not limit your movement
  • Pressure washer can be used in any weather
  • Gravity feed possibility
  • Water supply possibility
  • You can use it as a disinfectant machine
  • The Equipment of the machine is placed directly at the machine (on the hose holder), so you won´t lose it
  • You can simply change the accessories (e.i. longer hose than supplied one, lances, guns, nozzles)
  • Waspper machines have big wheels and high chassis. You´ll appreciate it when moving the pressure washer
  • Quality EU product (made in Slovakia) – CE certification
  • ISO certificate – EN ISO 9001:2015 

Package contents:

  • High pressure washer
  • Pressure gun
  • High Pressure PVC Hose 7,5 m
  • Stainless Steel Extension Lance
  • Nozzle 15  ̊
  • Nozzle 40  ̊
  • Soap nozzle / 029
  • Waspper engine oil
  • Detergent tube
  • Operation manual
  • Wheel assembly set


Weight 27.8 kg
Dimensions 57 × 52 × 95 cm


, ,

Maximum Flow Rate

Maximum Outlet Pressure

Pressure Regulation


5.2 HP/ 3.88 kW

Engine Type

Peggas 168F

Engine Volume (cm3)

Engine Fuel Tank Volume (L)


Engine Low Oil Level Security System


Gravity Feed


Pump Type


Pump Model


Pump Head Material


Pump Max. Water Temperature °C


Hose Lenght (m)


9 Customer Reviews

  1. Ryan Thorley (verified owner)

    I’ve used Waspper to clean my patio, car and furniture. It works like a charm! Very powerful. Slightly on the expensive side but it pays back the time.

  2. Sheila Arthurson (verified owner)

    WOW great washer for the price really powerful, used it 3 times up to now everything working fine.. easy to read instructions but I would advise to read them a couple of times with the washer in front of you so you can see exactly where things are. PROS……. excellent washer for cars, patios and driveways… with the 2 large wheels very easy to move…..very long hose so not so much moving about unlike some…….. and well packaged……. CONS…. a little bit heavy, but it is a petrol engine so you expect that same as my petrol mower really, still a one person lift. JUST TO SAY AGAIN read the instructions before starting for the first time – regarding engine oil.

  3. Liviu Istrățescu (verified owner)

    Raport preț – calitate, super bun. Își merită toți banii.

  4. Grace Banks (verified owner)

    My husband loves the machine, he sais it’s better than the electric one. Thank you so much.

  5. Otto Wolfgang (verified owner)

    Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dieser Waschmaschine. Ich halte es für besser als elektrisches.

  6. KEITH STAINES (verified owner)

    This fantastic machine has a very powerful flow of water. This was an update to my old washer from years ago and they haven’t improved them since then. Really enjoyed using my new washer and I was amazed seeing my very weathered patio become spotless.

  7. Demeter Lancolescu (verified owner)

    Peste toate aparatele electrice spal masina si pavajul in timp record si foarte bine. recomand!

  8. Thomas O´Brian

    I ordered this machine in May and it arrived promptly after a few days. Since having it, I have used it to clean my two slabbed patios and my two block paved areas, one of which houses 3 cars. These areas were very dirty with weeds growing in many places. This petrol washer made short work of this and now my patios and driveway are pristine again. During the work, I got very mucky so I would recommend using overalls and some form of waterproof footwear. Also safety glasses in case of any debris thrown up while washing at high pressure (3000 psi).. All in all I am very pleased with this machine, it was a doddle to set up, and being a four stroke engine, the oil goes into a separate tank (oil is supplied with the washer). I have ran it on and off now for around 10 hours with no problems. I consider it to be a well constructed and quality machine and expect it will last many years.

  9. gabriel adrian

    verry good

    super car wash WASPPER

    Waspper W3000HA 207 bari video https://www.youtube.com/embed/x-6cx3tuWJg

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